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Not your momma’s meatloaf. This is Taco Soup!

Don’t be distracted with the drab color. The fiesta flavor is fabulous!

This week was a hot shuffle as usual. I found myself on Wednesday with another insert of plans which always leads to, “scratch the original menu plan and now what can I pull off?” The original idea was meatloaf with baked potatoes and a green salad, but in this new time frame, not happening. The burger was already defrosted, and soup was sounding good. I’ll admit, I love soups. But for my daily diners of six, soup is not at the top of all of their lists. They do however all really like tacos….. So, Burger? check. Canned beans? check. Frozen corn? check. Celery? check. Tomatoes? check. Onions? check. Beef broth? check. Gluten-free taco seasonings? check. Taco Soup is now a go!  I was hesitant, but It was very well received with a dollop of sour cream and a dairy-free sour cream for those who require it. Then served with a side of quesadillas, GF-CF too! Beginning to end about 30 minutes which gave me enough time to accommodate the insert of plans and I felt good about feeding my family not only something good, but new and it allowed me to be flexible.  Ole’